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PROJEKTANT: Agata Zabek Fashion

Agata Zabek Fashion is the new UK brand of womenswear founded in 2011. Created by Agata Zabek one of the fresh new innovative designers to hit fashion industry.


Born and raised in south Poland, Agata fell in love with fashion at the early age of five whilst watching her mother, a renowned tailor, create and design flawless pieces for the everyday market.

“ In the early nineties, the only way to own an unusual piece of clothing was to have it made to measure. My mother was a fashion ‘Magician’ always creating stunning pieces for her clients. She was my first teacher and only mentor. ”

At the age of twenty, Agata moved to Milan where she quickly adapted to the culture and immersed herself and become addicted to the Italian fashion market. After being inspired in Milan Agata then relocated to Cracow, Poland to commence her studies.

Following her graduation from the School of Textiles and Technology she continued her studying at the Cracow School of Art and Fashion.

After graduating in 2003, she followed her heart and relocated to London. Together with her business partner Agata then launches her own independent label.

Agata Zabek’s passion for design is evident in her choice of superior quality materials and fabrics including rich silks, luxurious chiffons, beautifully woven cottons and jerseys that she discovered on her journey throughout Europe. All her designs are combined with flawless hand-stitching detail.

"Agata has never sacrificed excellent quality in this demanding and competitive ladies clothing industry and she never will. "

Her ideas are creative, combining faux plaited leather with chiffons and jersey, which are her signature designs.