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PROJEKTANT: Mulholland Life

Mulholland Life was was launched in 2012 creating a mix of fresh ideas and lifestyle that our own design team live by.

We started from a boutique in Poland, wich after short time became popular place for people looking for alternative, new trends and good quality clothes. After this, we decided to put together our two life passions; clothes and travelling. We started a brand for open people with love to live their life and discover new places around the world! Through our products we hope to inspire an adventurous spirit combined with comfort and practical design so that our client may never feel tied down and always have a sense of freedom.

We have been travelling for the last 7 months. We spend few months in New York, Mallorca and Ibiza, promoting Mulholland Life through social media and life events. By getting to know creative people from all over the World we are spreading our idea of MULHOLLAND LIFE.

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